Prof Dr Joern Meissner, Founder & Chairman of Lancaster Executive


Prof Dr Joern Meissner holds a PhD and a Master’s Degree in Management Science from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University (Columbia Business School) in New York City. His research spans a wide field of study, including the areas of Supply Chain Management (SCM), Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management. He primarily focuses on developing and implementing robust and efficient techniques for logistics and manufacturing systems. He is also well-known in the area of revenue management, a relatively new academic field concerned with how to best manage demand by setting prices to maximize company profits. His work has been published in various prestigious journals including Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM), Operations Research and Naval Research Logistics.

Dr Meissner is a leading expert in the development of optimization algorithms for a variety of logistics and supply chain management problems. As such, he is often consulted by industry professionals and helps firms to apply his cutting-edge mathematical techniques to their current business problems. He frequently advises companies, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to emerging start-ups, on issues such as supply chain planning and pricing strategy. His clients include British Telecom (BT), British Airways, Apple Europe, Pernod Ricard, Promethean, TUI, The Co-Operative, Virgin Trains, Virgin Cargo, Littlewoods and SAP Germany, among others.

He is a tenured lecturer (assistant professor) at the Lancaster University Management School and leads a team of 8 doctoral and post-doctoral researchers. Being a passionate and enthusiastic teacher, he has created and delivers three new MBA Electives: Advanced Decision Models, Supply Chain Management and Revenue Management. He has also originated and also delivers the courses Foundations of Optimization and Stochastic Processes to his incoming doctoral candidates. In addition, Dr Meissner lectures regularly at the University of Hamburg in Germany. In the past, he taught at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL) and was a visiting Professor in Logistics at the University of Mannheim.

Prof Dr Joern Meissner is also the founder and chairman of Manhattan Review, a firm that recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. The firm is now considered the quality benchmark in GMAT preparation and some of its career training programmes have even been included in the curriculum for international students at Columbia Business School.

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Disclaimer: Lancaster Executive LLC was spun out from Lancaster University
Management School in July 2008. While Lancaster Executive maintains close
ties to academia and the university, it operates independently now.