Lancaster Executive Education & Management Training in Dubai

Lancaster Executive offers Executive Education and Management Training programmes that are designed for business professionals, managers, leaders, and executives who strive for professional and personal growth. We deliver executive education programmes to help achieve operational excellence and business results. We develop leaders prepared for change in a competitive environment.

Lancaster Executive is a leading Management Training and Consulting Institute with a diverse and talented team. We specialise in helping executives to achieve bottom-line improvements by instilling fresh ideas, new business skills, and a greater capacity for addressing the challenges their companies will face.

We serve a wide range of public sector and blue-chip private sector clients. With three standard programmes in pricing and revenue management, operations, and negotiations as well as extensive custom programmes options, where we help you decide exactly you can become the best executive or manager possible, the options for improving you and whatever kind of business you run are expansive.

With offices in Lancaster and New York as well as representatives in Germany, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong, we pride ourselves on being an internationally recognized training institute with a reputation for producing excellent results for our clients. We serve a wide range of public sector and blue-chip private sector clients.

Disclaimer: Lancaster Executive LLC was spun out from Lancaster University
Management School in July 2008. While Lancaster Executive maintains close
ties to academia and the university, it operates independently now.